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Joint Disorder

Many patients who experience pain in their jaw, headaches, or even the inability to close their jaw are suffering from TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and will benefit from a bruxism appliance.  I custom fit appliance will be most effective in treating joint disorder, we do not recommend purchasing an over-the-counter/bought-off-amazon appliance. Dr. Duke works with an amazing local lab to make quality appliances that have lasted some patients for 15+ years.

Over time your joints and bite will change, regular dental appointments will help maintain joint health and tooth wear.



Dental Health & Endurance Athletes

Despite the obvious fitness benefits of frequent physical activity. Endurance athletes are at risk of poor dental health due to common training practices. According to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science on sports, athletes who trained for at least 5 hours each week had a significantly increased likelihood for tooth erosion and caries (cavities).

Intense activity causes a decrease in intra-oral pH and salivary flow rates, combined with increased consumption of carbohydrate sports bars, sports drinks, and sports gels, this leads to a significant correlation between cumulative training time and increased risk of tooth decay.

gcmps-02101-mi-pasteIn order to combat this, athletes need a specialized oral health regimen. The use of CTX or MI paste, along with dietary management and regular dental appointments can prevent these problems, and help keep their smile -and body- as healthy as possible!