We are dedicated to long lasting, healthy dentistry and building life long patient relationships. Dr. Duke and our team want to help you discover what is causing the problem and make recommendations that will allow you to plan to achieve the level of health that you desire.

Our History

Dr. Beckman and Dr. Duke, 2012

A ‘few’ years ago, a 5 year old girl walked into this office for a dental visit with Dr. Donald Beckman. 28 years later, after working in different style practices and clinics, Dr. Duke began working alongside her childhood dentist and mentor. While standing at the sink one day, Dr. Beckman asked Dr. Duke if she would be interested in buying his practice. She went home and talked it over with her husband, wrote what they could afford on a piece of paper, handed it to Dr. Beckman the next day, he pocketed the paper and they shook hands. Dr. Duke purchased the practice from her childhood dentist in 1989 and has loved it every day since.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Beckman worked together, allowing Dr. Duke to be a mother and continue to be mentored by the dentist she respected so much. His most treasured phrase to her as she acquired his lovely practice and began updating the technology was: “no problem, THAT’S PROGRESS” – and always with his kind smile.

Laurene K. Duke DDS Total Wellness Dentistry has evolved much since 1989, but Dr. Duke still operates with the goal of providing the best care and technology available while maintaining old-fashioned relationships with her patients. We want this to be your dental home, not just another doctor’s office.