What is laser dentistry?

It is the use of laser energized water to safely and conservatively perform dental procedures. The laser energy is used in conjunction with a spray of atomized water to gently and precisely removes a wide range of human tissue including tooth enamel and soft tissue (gum) without heat or needles and anesthesia. The laser can make cavity preparations, numb teeth and gums, and remove soft tissue without needles or numb feeling. It can also help relieve painful canker sores and herpes by accelerating their healing. Dental Lasers are a safe and effective alternative to many invasive procedures. Dr. Duke is fully accredited by the Academy of Laser Dentistry and has been using them in her practice for several years.

We have various lasers that we use in our office:

  • Biolase Waterlase for hard and soft tissue treatment.
  • Biolase Epic Diode Laser used in bacterial reduction, aerosol reduction, pain relief, increased healing time and nerve soothing.
  • THOR Low Level Laser and LED light is used in numerous ways to reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • No needles or numbness in many cases.
  • Less micro fractures to tooth when able avoid or minimize use of drill.
  • The laser’s pinpoint accuracy precisely allows our dentist to leave as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Gently performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding.

What procedures can be performed with laser?